Injuries or pregancy please contact me to discuss before booking.

Beginners welcome but contact me to discuss best options



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** Monday 7am - Wake up and flow yoga (9.30am 13th April Bank Holiday)

** Monday 9.30am - Flow Yoga (re-streamed 7am class)

** Monday 6pm - Flow Yoga

** Tuesday 6pm - Stretch, relax restore (Yin)

** Wednesday 6pm Flow yoga 

** Friday 9.30am stretch, relax, restore (yin)


If you're unable to make the times (eg wait til after get the kids to bed) let me know and I'll sort you access.

Sessions are £5 but If you're struggling with dosh then please let me know and I'll help you out.

10 class pass for price of 9 avaiable foe £4.50


How to dial in ZOOM

  • Download or get the APP and familiarise yourself with Zoom. It's completely FREE. The paid version is for people who want to host meetigs over 40 mins (me)

  • There is a slightly different set-up depending what device you are on so do a test run before the first session and get set up and make sure you log in to class with plenty of time to get settled, deal with any IT issues and chill...

  • You wil be sent a link code after booking which is the meeting i.d. for the class

  • You can stream to a TV/phone/ipad - the bigger the picture the better but no worries whatever you have and a good wifi or 4g signal is needed.

  • I wont play music as it interferes so feel free to choose a nice chilled numbe your end :-)

  • Please make sure your microphone is OFF but ideally your camera is on so i can see youre lovely selves (but this is optional if you dont want to be seen).

  • There are 2 views that you can have - gallery view where you can see everyone (which is nice at the beginning and end) or active speaker (or something similar) where I am the main picture on the screen.

  • There is a "chat" feature where you can write messages if you want to communicate as you will have turned your microphone OFF but i wont be able to see it during class of course.


  • Virtual personal sessions also possible. Contact me to discuss options

Thai massage doesn't work so well though lol