Deepen Your Practice workshops

  • These monthly (ish) workshops are designed to help you delve deeper into aspects of the yoga practice

  • Ideal for those who have practicing a while but want to spend more time on specific aspects of the practice

  • Each workshop will go into technique, alignment and anatomy of the physical elements of the practice or will focus on a different element of the practice such as meditation, philosophy, chakras, Breathing techniques

  • A great complement to your regular yoga session or to refresh your knowledge


Come along and learn the basics in a fun, friendly environment


Upcoming workshops (further dates tbc - and please contact me to discuss or to express an interest in different sessions).


£15 per person

Saturdays 10-11.45am (see bottom of page for description of the workshops)


Saturday 25th May 2019 - Breaking down Sun Salutations

Saturday 10th August  9.30-11.15am - hip openers and strengtheners

Thursday 12th September  6.45-8.30pm The basics of inversions - POSTPONED

Saturday 19th October 10-11.45am - The standing poses and balance

Saturday 23rd November 10-11.45am - Backbends and front stretches


Please check if you have any health concerns if the workshops are suitable

All session are at The Yoga Shack, Nether Whitacre (unless specifed)

Limited number of spaces available to ensure personal attention during this workshop

Price Includes light refreshments of herbal tea and sweet treat.  


Breaking down Sun Salutations.

Sun Salutations are done in many yoga classes and are a great way to get the energy moving, and stretch and strengthen the body all over. Its a flowing sequnce of movements, linked to the breath, designed to stretch the whole body (traditionally upon waking at sun rise) In this session we will look at each component of sun salutation in detail and have lots of practice of doing different transitions and elements so you can really get to know this energising and invigorating practice.


The Basics of Inversions

Literally turning our world upside down is invigorating and can be good for us as long as done carefully, with proper guidance and taken in stages that we can safely achieve. In this workshop we will cover the basics of good inversions to make sure we have the strength and knowledge to give it a go! We are likely to cover shoulderstands, headstands and handstand but dont worry if this is all new to you (or seems far away) - we'll mostly be working on the technique so you can build a practice, and for those almost there, there will be chance to practice , practice and practice some more with tips and help


Hip openers

Almost everything we do in yoga (and life!) involves our hips and pelvis to some extent. Good hip health is crucial to good back health and knowledge of how the hips work and how we can improve mobility and strength can really help us feel good! Many of us sit a lot for work or find our hips tighten with exercise or as we get older...but we can really help to limber them up with the right tools. Don't worry - this is not about forcing ourselves into full lotus or leg behind the head! its just about understanding how we might become a little more supple or work with our anatomy to increase mobility - so modifications will be given for different body types.


Standing poses and balances

A deeper exploration of the key standing poses like warriors, trianges and forward folds along with balances - learn the technique alignment and options to make the most of these wonderful poses to help build strength, co-ordination and balance.


Back Bends and Front Stretches

Back bending can be great for creating health and vitality in the spine - as long as its done safely and with care. This workshop will teach you the fundamentals of backbends

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