Pregnancy and Birth Yoga

Lisa is a fully certified Pregnancy Yoga teacher and has 2 children of her own - aged 28....and 8!  Pregnancy is a great time to discover or continue Yoga as it can help keep the body healthy, easing any aches and pains and

helping learn techniques to relax the mind and ease any stress or anxiety. We also learn breathing techniques and postures to help with labour and post natally to help the body get back in shape.


See classes page for class details


Wednesday evenings 6.45 pm at THE YOGA SHACK



7-28th November - £26


Pregnancy Yoga weekly class finishes end of November = contact me to exprssan interest in other sessions

07919924883 0r see contact me page for email


Drop in available after the block starts at increase price £8 per session if there any spaces left



Birth Preparation Workshops


This workshop is for mum (and birthing partner) to prepare for the big day.  Numbers are kept small (5 couples max) for personal service and to allow for questions and held at the Yoga Shack. The workshop will include :


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