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How to meditate


The benefits of meditation are many and science is now increasingly proving the benefits. But it doesn't have to be sitting still for hours a day. The meditation practice is a way to become more present in the moment - enjoy life and de-clutter the mind a little, taming the monkey mind. More info can be found at the link below and I really like the below videos as they gives a no-nonesense guide to meditation and how to start the practice. Start with 5 minutes...or more if you can - but start and commit to a regular practice. You can also use your day to be more mindful - paying attention to the breath, your environment, other people, using all your senses...



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You can follow me on Spotify (lisacolclough) and find all my shared play lists...they're quite eclectic and some aren't all in the best order yet (on my to do list!) but will be... any suggestions for music do let me know!


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