Events and Workshops

YIN YOGA WORKHOPS - stretch, relax, restore - £20


  • 12th January  4-7.30 - yin & Gong Bath - see below

  • 9th February 4-6.30pm

  • 15th March - 4-6.30pm

  • 19th April 4-6.30pm

  • 6th June 4-7.30 - Yin and Gong bath - see below

  • 5th July - 4-6.30pm

  • 6th September 4-6.30pm

  • 4th October 4-7.30pm - Yin and Gong Bath - see below

  • 15th Novenber 4-6.30pm

  • 13th December 4-6.30pm




All yin workshops ae at Coleshill Reform Church unless stated otherwise


Yin Yoga is a very relaxed, very restorative type of yoga. We hold poses for around

5 minutes in a supported and relaxed way using bolsters, pillows, blankets and blocks.

Its extremely relaxing and mediative so helps us slow down. It works on the body

using the chinese meridian system so certain poses help certain areas of the body.  

It's great for the mind, but also great for the body as it targets fascia and joint health

and helps improve flexibility.  In this workshop i'll give an overview of the practice,

practice a number of the yin yoga poses and have a lovely long yoga nidra

(yogic or lucid sleep - a type of deep restorative relaxation/meditation).

A great way to end the weekend ready for the week ahead



12th January and 4th October  2020  4-7.30 pm (gong with John Carter)

Sat 6th June 2020 4-7.30pm  (gong with Samantha Wilson)

See booking link above


2 hours of yin and an hour and a half of relaxation/meditation  and Sound Healing

Gong bath in one blissful workshop.



Gong Bath - no water needed! John plays gong at my retreats and is amazing. If you’ve never had a gong bath before prepared for a wonderful experience. John Carter set up Crystal Conscious in 2004 with his wife Tanya and together they have been working with different types of healing modalities for 14 years. For the last 8 years John has been using planetary gongs as part of his healing practice. He regularly holds group Gong Baths and 1 to 1 sessions, and also plays gongs at many retreats and festivals around the country.


“The gong is an effective and powerful tool for healing, breaking all boundaries and perceived limitations. The gong’s vibration can be cleansing, detoxifying, relaxing, mind stopping, and utterly amazing. For an unforgettable experience, all you need to do is come along, immerse yourself in the relaxation whilst the gongs work their magic.”

Booking and payment in advance is needed to secure your space as numbers are limited.

Workshop is £30 for yin and gong or £20 yin only. £15 gong only.

















BACK TO BASICS WORKSHOPS - learn the fun-da-mentals - £25 - contact me to express an interest no dates at present


These workshops are ideal for beginners or those wishing to go back to basics and go over the key fundamentals of the yoga practice including background, Asanas (postures) including sun salutations, the foundational yoga postures, pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. We will go through the rationale of safe and effective stretching and strengthening, alignment and modifications where appropriate and how the breath, body and mind all work together.  BOOK HERE






Yin-yoga-012 BOOK HERE download