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Cancelled - see yin page  

Saturday 6th June  - 10am - 5pm (half day options see below)

Shustoke Village Hall, Shustoke, N Warks

Full day ticket wit lunch just £50 (or buy single sessions - below)


Morning session

The YANG - symbolises energetic and fire 10-12.30 - £20


In the Morning we will start with energising flow yoga to warm you up and get the energy flowing! An energising practice to build strength and suppleness. We'll include using props and technique work to break down some of the tricky poses to make them accesible to all inlcuding building the strength and confidence to safely give them a go or at least work on the build up poses. This might include arm balances, backbends and inversions with options for beginners and moe advanced options for those already there!


12.30 Healthy vegan lunch, cakes and drinks (included in day ticket) £5 otherwise


Afternoon session

The YIN - Yin symbolises the soft and relaxed 1.30-5pm (£30)


YIN YOGA 1.30-3.30pm - £20

2 hours of blissful Yin Yoga whilst lunch goes down where we hold poses for a longer time in a relaxed way, with support. All floor based stretches which is really nourishing, relaxing but also great for improving openness and flexibility in joints and muscles as well as totally de-stressing the mind.

 See here for more info on Yin Yoga\



Sound Healing & Gong Bath 3.30-5pm - £15

Then we finish with meditation & Sound Healing Gong bath

The gentle yet powerful sounds will slow your brain waves to a

meditative state and you will drift to wherever the sound takes you to leave behind stress, clear the clutter of the mind to allow healing. Sam Wilson is a qualified Sound Therapist. She will help guide you towards deep relaxation through the sound of gongs, tibetan bowls and wind chimes. A sound bath affects people in many ways from deep relaxation, sometimes sleep, a feeling of deep calm and inner reflection, leading to clarity, and emotional release of tension that no longer serve us. When the sound has drifted away to silence you should leave feeling lighter, well rested & refreshed.



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