Sunday 7th April - 9.30-1  & 2-4.30

Shustoke Village Hall, Shustoke, N Warks


£25 half day option £48 whole day including lunch


The YANG - Yang symbolises Energy and fire 9.30-12.30


In the Morning we will start with an hour of vinyasa flow to warm you up and get the energy flowing! An energising practice to build strength and suppleness


Then we have an hour of technique work breaking down and working on more complex poses like handstand and headstand with options and conditioning drills so for those newer to this side of the practice can see how they can make a start at some of these more complex poses in a safe way.


Then we PLAY for an hour in acro yoga - working together to make some shapes! Think you cant DO IT? YOU CAN! Its all about technique, support and playing! Giggles guaranteed and people always do a lot more than they think they can. What if you fly?!  See here for an idea of what we get up to!


Then a wholesome and healthy vegan lunch, cakes and drinks (all included)


The afternoon - the YIN - or the more mellow and relaxed practice 1.30-4.30

or just do 2.30-4.30 Yin Yoga and meditation - £15 (ticket on booking)


The first hour we will be led through a routine of Thai Yoga Massage where we will work with a partner, fully clothed with assisted stretches and pressure to open into joints and release aching muscles. Soooo good! See here for more info on Thai Massage


Then an hour and quarter of Yin Yoga where we hold poses for a longer time in a relaxed way, with support. All floor based stretches which is really nourishing, relaxing but also great for improving openness and flexibility in joints and muscles. See here for more info on Yin Yoga


Then we finish with a lovely meditation and yoga nidra - yogic sleep which sees up being guided into a deep state of relaxation to leave us feeling blissfully relaxed and ready for the week ahead      




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